Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Script Studio

Pre-Sale Questions

Yes, you can download a demo here that has no time limit but some restricted features such as print and export.

Your Script Studio license allows you to activate two computers — Mac and/or PC — at any one time. This policy is in place to prevent software piracy. If you've activated two computers and wish to transfer an activation to a third, simply deactivate one that is already activated.

Yes, like the software, your license key is cross-platform.

Yes, so long as you have access to another computer with an internet connection and a web browser you can follow the steps for Manual Activation in the User Guide or via Help > Activation.

When you purchase products from our web store or through the software itself, we protect the transaction with the strongest exportable standards of encryption. We require Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections when personal data and credit card information is entered and displayed.

When purchasing from our store, you should see your browser's indicator that a secure connection has been made. For example, on Microsoft Internet Explorer, this is represented by a padlock on the status bar at the bottom of the browser windows. Clicking on this padlock will bring up more information on the encryption technology used by our web servers.

For further protection, we do not store your complete credit card numbers after the transaction.

No, we currently do not accept payments using checks, purchase orders, cash or money orders. We do however accept payment from PayPal and all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and full refund on all of our software products (less shipping costs and a 10% ecommerce/administration fee) provided that all activated software has been deactivated and verified, and returned software includes all undamaged documentation and accompanying materials. Reference Plugins and eBooks are non-refundable.

If you have purchased the download product from us or registered your boxed product (or product purchased from a reseller) then click here to receive a license key reminder by email.

If however you purchased the boxed product from us or the boxed or download product from a reseller and never registered with us we will not have a record of your license key and cannot help you.

If you purchased the download product from a reseller then you would need to contact them to see if they have a record of your purchase and its associated license key.

If you do manage to retrieve the license key from a reseller then please register your purchase with us so we also have a record and can provide you with technical support.

Product Feature Questions

Yes, Script Studio allows you to create your screenplay, stageplay or novel from your first idea to the final draft. The process begins with outlining your story step by step, developing characters, structuring your acts and then writing the script.

Yes, Script Studio has a pre-defined screenplay template and automatically formats as you type but you can also adjust the template to suit your needs.

A screenplay is not like a novel or short story and as such needs to be formatted in a specific way (with scene headings, dialogue and other paragraph elements) in order for agents, managers, directors, producers, studios and production companies to read your work.

Read more about screenplay format.

No. While Script Studio is designed to help you build your document in steps you do not have to follow this methodology and can simply create your document in a single step.

We do however recommend you at least try using this method and look at some of the sample projects included with the software to see how it works otherwise you will not be able to take full advantage of some of Script Studio's powerful features such as PowerView story-stucturing.

A step outline is essentially a step by step breakdown of your story into key events, otherwise known as "steps", "beats" or "sequences".

Final Draft

Yes, Script Studio can import your script directly from Final Draft's xml file format (.fdx) by selecting this from the Import Options window.

Movie Magic Screenwriter

Yes, but not directly. You first need to export or save your scripts as a plain text file (.txt) without the layout formatting. Then select Import from the File Menu and your scripts can be imported into Script Studio which will automatically analyze the text and format it into screenplay layout.

Other Import Formats

Script Studio can also import from PDF, Rich Text (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt) and Fountain.

Export Formats

  • PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format)
  • Final Draft® (.fdx)
  • Fountain
  • Scheduling Format (.sex)
  • RTF (Rich Text Format)
  • HTML (Web Page Format)
  • Plain Text (ASCII Format)

To help plan your screenplay, Script Studio allows you to simultaneously refer to produced feature film outline analyses (plugins) and gauge the progress of your own story in contrast to some of the most successful Hollywood movies. These plugins are essentially exported outline files located in your Library Folder. 12 come FREE with the software and more are available from the software's in-app store.