What is the difference between the Mac App Store version and the version you sell in your web store?

When you purchase from the Mac App Store your contract of sale is with Apple and you only have access to the Mac product. This means you cannot also install it on Windows but you can install it for your personal use only on up to five Macs.

Key Differences...

We try to keep both our Mac App Store product and the version we sell directly as similar as possible but due to Apple's strict security guidelines some aspects may be slightly different. 

In practical terms, writing and features will be the same but some menus and preferences options may differ.

One of the main differences is that the Mac App Store product does not have a license key system to authorize your computer like the version we sell from our web store.

Purchasing Reference Plugins

If you purchased Scipt Studio from the Mac App Store then you can also buy plugins from your iTunes account via Help > Movie Reference Plugins > Buy Plugins.  If you purchased the software from our web store then you can purchase plugins here and use the license key for the order to install them into your Library via Help > Movie Reference Plugins > Install Plugins.


All updates are accessed through your iTunes account rather than through Help > Check For Updates.