Can I activate Script Studio without an internet connection?

Yes, follow the steps below to activate your software without a direct internet connection:

  1. Select Activate from the Help Menu
  2. Enter your License Key exactly as it appears in your receipt email
  3. Click Manual Activation
  4. Copy the Activation ID or click Save to save it and your license key to a file
  5. Go to on another computer which has internet access
  6. Enter your License Key and Activation ID in the form and optionally your Email Address if you want the license file emailed to you, and click Activate
  7. If your License Key and Activation Key have been entered correctly you will be presented with a License File to download
  8. Download the file or retrieve it from your email and return to the installation of Script Studio
  9. Select Activate from the Help Menu
  10. Drag the License File onto the activation window or click Manual Activation and Browse to locate it

Script Studio will then validate the license and remove the demo restrictions.